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ETL-Pilot (Data Load Supervision Dashboard)

10 Years Pentaho Community Meeting

200 people from almost 40 countries have come to Mainz, Germany to join for the 10th Pentaho Community Meeting.

24 speakers from all parts of the world presented their newest developments and usecases and shared them with the community.

Alain DEBECKER, member of TEAM PARTNERS as Business Intelligence Senior Consultant presented his research on data manipulation including how to monitor data loading processes.

Extract from IT-Novum Article

In the beginning, Alain Debecker asked the audience the following questions: 

What to do when your ETL moves into professional production ?
When you coordinate a bunch of automatic data load running every now and again on various crontab or carte servers ?
When you need to monitor a migration done by distant developers ?
When you are responsible for the data to be there, on time and correct? 
Why, in those case, not use the logging system which is shipped with your PDI?

The PDI logging system records all the details about every thing that is happening during execution and stores it in a database table.

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