LogMote is a totally unique, flexible and cost effective unified authentication & SSO solution, which manages legacy, on-premise and cloud applications. Smartphones and tablets become the contactless keys to unlock, simplify and accelerate mobility and user accessibility. No other solution secures and resolves organisations BYOD challenges straight out-of-the-box, without the need for additional development to the solution.

LogMote’s product overview video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alg-f7_5e_g


A summary of solution capabilities and benefits USP’s

LogMote Product Summary

  • LogMote is a fully integrated simple Authentication and Single Sign-on system which utilises the user’s smartphone as a contactless key to allow accessibility to the user’s relevant cloud or legacy environments.
  • Access from multiple mobile and smart devices is initiated by the simple scan of a Quick Response (QR) code, removing the need to remember or type in multiple passwords.
  • A One Time QR code is scanned by the smartphone directly from the computer screen, the data contained within this transaction is never transmitted over a network, thus defeating any kind of eavesdropping
  • The LogMote out of the box solution is built to align to Active Directory, legacy and web applications.
  • The LogMote solution is a true single sign-on application, allowing users to provide their credentials only once.

Customer Benefit Summary

  • Password Management – There is a need within enterprise organisations to simplify the end user experience, to reduce password related help desk costs and enhance security by eliminating poor end user password management.
  • Identity Management – A simplistic way of authenticating individual’s credentials within enterprises modern and legacy environments, also reducing the complexity of managing users by providing federated authentication of identities across multiple applications.
  • Strong Authentication – Implementing LogMote 3 factor strong authentication is a simple, cost effective way of securing enterprise applications.
  • Compliance – Eliminate the hidden end user costs associated with compliance driven initiatives. Extend audit and reporting capabilities to include user sign-on data.